Note from Principal Buff


Dear Parent/Guardians,

Happy New Year! Can you believe yet another year has gone by and it is 2014! The winter months can seem long and tiring but here at North Albany we continue to maintain a strong focus around the District’s Strategic Roadmap of educating all students for college and career, citizenship and life in partnership with our diverse community.

In the upcoming months there is a lot happening at North Albany. I understand that sometimes getting an abundance of information listed can be overwhelming and difficult to keep track of. Therefore, I have organized many of the events happening in a calendar on the back of this letter that I hope you find helpful. The calendar is for the months of January and February. A point of interest on the calendar are Dr. Vanden Wyngaard’s Community Conversations. Dr. V is asking for input on efforts to improve student learning in the City School District of Albany as we plan to make Albany the best urban school district in the country by 2020. Please consider attending one of these important events.

There will be some changes pertaining to our upper grades (7th and 8th grade) as we return from break in regards to breakfast. North Albany has been selected to pilot the Grab and Go Breakfast program in an effort to increase students eating breakfast in the morning and therefore assisting in keeping their energy level consistent and focused on learning. Seventh and Eighth grade students will now have a breakfast cart on their floor that will visit each homeroom. All students will be allowed four food options and they will eat during homeroom/advisory period. This program is completely free to the students. This will also mean that seventh and eighth graders will no longer be entering into our school cafeteria in the morning. It is recommended that these students arrive at 8:25 to enter the building at 8:30.

As always, North Albany continues to strive to build a school community where students have engaging learning opportunities that cultivate positive relationships in a safe and caring environment. I thank you for your continued support of your children’s growth, development and education. We are asking that for the month of January, you make a goal with your child to read every night for at least 30 minutes. This will help with their fluency and comprehension and benefit them in all their subject areas.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 475-6800.



Lesley Buff, Principal

North Albany Academy